MEA Global PR, is a multicultural full-service public relations, special events, strategic marketing, and brand development firm, specializing in high-end luxury goods, spirits, hospitality, restaurant, home and design, beauty, real estate, and fashion industries branding. Since the agency’s inception, MEA Global PR has quickly become one of the most trusted and sought-after businesses to liaise with local, regional, national and international media for editorial product placement, corporate public relations, event press, and brand development.

One of our main objectives is to increase product distribution through the promotion of content using traditional and new media platforms. By employing effective marketing strategies, we aim to ensure consistency of message, focused on highlighting brand quality, to build consumer support and confidence. We create and execute effective communication plans focused on facilitating positive relationships with target demographics.

As a result of our exceptional ability to navigate various social media platforms, we are able to enhance the connection between client and clientele and increase brand recognition.

Since the agency’s inception, Miriam Elena has worked to position MEA Global PR to be among the strongest and most respected international firms. Miriam Elena has advanced the firm’s mission of providing the highest quality of services by focusing on building and maintaining strong relationships.

As Creative Director of MEA Global PR, Miriam Elena works closely with each client to achieve their public relations and marketing objectives. She aims to align a variety of brands in clever and distinct ways by developing and executing strategic media and event campaigns designed to help expand and sustain brand awareness.

Why Your Team Is So Important

Your PR and Marketing Team is there to focus on building and maintaining these positive relationships for you. Teams work closely to help you achieve business goals and objectives. Your team is also there to execute strategic media and event campaigns. 

PR teams are there to create and push strategies and campaigns. They help transform your relationships with prospective audiences with high-quality solutions. Book us as your PR company now to grow with us. 

Put more energy and focus towards your strategic marketing development. Our Miami marketing company provides you with everything that you need to expand and sustain brand awareness. We offer everything from great customer service to great results! Enhancing the connection between client and clientele while increasing brand recognition.

Bringing More Awareness to Your Brand

Brands have to be strategic when it comes to bringing more awareness. It is beneficial to hire a professional team to handle your marketing from concept to execution. You will have more time to focus on overall business objectives while your team handles brand strategy. Now is the time to expand your brand’s awareness. Give your company top-notch services provided by experts.

MEA Global PR is a full-service public relations, strategic marketing, special events, and brand development firm. We specialize in high-end luxury, spirits, hospitality, goods, and more. We provide editorial product placement, event press, corporate public relations, and brand development.

We are amongst the strongest and most respected firms. Our mission is to provide high-quality services by focusing on building and maintaining solid relationships. We also plan, manage, and build multi-media campaigns. Whatever you need, we’ll provide you with.

Top PR & Marketing Strategy Development

We provide all of the top services that your company might need. Whether that’s developing strategic media or helping with your next event. MEA is here to help expand your brand! Check out our services.

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MEA Global PR is a Miami PR firm that brings ideas to life. We have a vast range of experience in marketing strategy development and brand awareness. Need a PR team? We have your back! Check out our website, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us today at +1 323-307-6468 or email us at info@meapr.com for more information!